Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Inner Side II


I know that my posts have been infrequent. I was waiting for something really good to post. Well, I really was searching for some clarity on which direction to go with this blog. It has been a very busy time and organizing it and setting priorities utmost. I think it has something to do with it being a new year and all that. Yada Yada Yada and so on.

I first want to tell you a story that is pertinent to the previous post. A friend of mine applied the simple technique in Ho' ponopono. He was walking in the streets of NYC silently saying "I'm sorry. I love you." over and over again to himself. After a while of this, a total stranger came up to him and said "I love you too, man". This just shows how powerful such a simple thing can be.

I have found some really nice bits and pieces to help with that, or at least get a start on it. You see, if one does not get right with one's self, no matter what you try, even with some success, it will most certainly all go pear shaped eventually. The person who knows him/her self, has a clear vision, and can actualize it, wins just about all of the time. What you see and experience in the outside world, you have most certainly created on the inner world first. Most of the time this creation is mostly unconscious. Do you notice that you are getting a lot of what you don't want in life? That's creation from the un or subconscious. That is creation run amok on auto pilot. The trick is that one must train oneself to think in strictly in positive terms of what one does want not what one does not want. Ex. "I want to be healthy", not "I don't want to be sick." The subconcious mind will pick up either suggestion and say "It is so". The thing is that this subconscious mind is blind to any negation of a suggestion, ie, the not part of don't will not be seen or acknowledged by it.

How do you start? Where do you find effective techniques that will help you do this?
To that end, I have found some nice free items that can aid you on your way to success and all that goes with it.

One that I really like is all about creating a video of your vision statement. It is sort of like a treasure map, but in video form. You can view this at:

Then there is the Results Accelerator. Here is the link for the audio and PDF files:

There is much more and I will write about it in the next post.