Saturday, December 09, 2006

Freebie Addict

True Confessions: I am a Freebie Addict

Yep, I know it has been quite a while between the first post and the next one. I have been a busy gal and, frankly, I wasn't really ready to write until I learned at least a thing or two.

I have been around checking out the many confusing and prolific ways to make money. My head fells like it’s spinning and it is easy to get mired in indecisiveness. Ever feel this way?

Free offers abound and there is no end to them. The free cheese is tempting and I am a sucker for it. Those tempting free reports, free programs, free advertising, free bonuses, and free whatever. The one problem, though, is the overwhelm that comes from it. Once you get the knack of one thing another is offered to top it. One can spend too much time reading reports and evaluating software and services while getting no marketing of one’s own done. Arrggg!

And then there is the wonderful little thing called the up sell. Did you really think that the offer was just to give something away? Nope! Nowadays, I will opt-in to the freebie offer just to see what they are really selling. The trick is to ask oneself if it is something that one really needs to accomplish one's goals if one has them at the time.

Adsense, adwords, ezines, articles, free websites, traffic and link exchanges, keyword programs, SEO, Squeeze pages, surfing sites, educational sites, EBay, and the list just goes on and on. And all I wanted to do was to drive some traffic to my little affiliate squeeze page in order to generate a list and give away a free ebook. It’s easy to get lost like the rat in the maze.

Despite all of the confusion, I did get to learn a useful thing or two. Here is a little one that I got to like.


Is your URL too long? Then go to and you can get a substitute URL that is more compact and easier to use. It is as simple as entering the original URL and clicking a button. Presto! New URL. There is one caveat, though. I have found that some affiliate links will come back with a message that will tell you that it is spam and refuse to process it. Since I have never spammed anyone, I haven’t a clue why. Maybe someone knows the answer to this question.