Saturday, May 05, 2007

Recovery Time

Not too long ago, I had a not so nice surprise. All of my bookmarks were totally wiped out. By what or whom, I have no clue. Such a thing can throw a crimp in one's Internet operations. I have been having some time of it recreating my links. Being a glutton for linkage, there are too many of them. A good piece of advice. Always back up your bookmarks or you could end up like me and be dead in the water for a while. But, I do promise that I will return. This is just a pause while I get a decent amount of this work done. Do you know where your bookmarks are?

Saturday, March 31, 2007

A New Helpful Freebie

Hi Once Again,

I have another freebie that I thought you would like.

I would like to guide those of you that would be interested to another great affiliate marketing resource. It has several goodies. There are lessons in affiliate marketing and in getting traffic. There is a list of products that are ready made for you to promote whether you have bought them or not. There are ways to organize your affiliate programs, adverstising campaigns, autoresponders, and a helpful marketing forum.

I was given the "Thank You Page" for Derrick VanDyke's
newly revised Affiliate Cash Secrets and was told I could share it with anyone...A $97 Value absolutely F-R-E-E with
no strings attached.

The package includes the "Affiliate Cash Secrets" ebook,
The "Free Traffic Secrets" training manual, and the
"Affiliate Organizer" software.

You can download the whole package here:
Affiliate Cash Secrets

Monday, March 26, 2007

Where to get Free Traffic and Free (or Near Free) Advertising

Hi, I'm Still Around,

I would like to tell you about a couple of interesting websites that
A traffic bar: It is and add-on to your browser and will show text ads that appear while you surf. You are supposed to get credits for the sites that you visit.

One such is Free Traffic Bar. It is similar to another well known traffic bar, but with a few more bells and whistles. There are more options than I can ever use. There are trainings, tools, downloads, and useful links that I had never heard of before. HitExchangeNews reviewed this program and it got high marks.

It is a since to set up and is free. You earn by surfing the links provided. There are, however, other levels of paid membership which are dirt cheap and that won't bust your budget.

Once again that site is Free Traffic Bar.

Another one that is of interest is the advertising forum. Usually forums have very strict rules about advertising on their boards. Just don't do it! They will go so far as to BAN members that post ads. Unless it is in your signature only. Their goal is to protect the value of their forum. They understand the value of a happy membership.

Forum postings are quite valuable when it comes to spreading the word on you product or opportunity. Search engines also love forums.

I have found one of interest that I have been playing with. It is called
Your Advertising Forum. This is a place where one can place an ad in exchange for reading a previous posters ad.

This forum encourages advertising. This is also:

- Free to join.
- Free upgrade to Gold by referring others.
- With SEO optimized pages and URLS.
- Offering 50% - 75% commission on referred upgrades.

For me this was a no-brainer. It's free to join and the site has thousands of visitors every day.

If you're looking to increase your traffic and your profits, you should visit:
Your Advertising Forum

I do like free things.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Unspoken, But Crucial To Your Online Success

Hey Guys,

In the beginning there was the marketer. There are certain truths you come to understand the more time you spend making money online – or trying to.

Witness the evolution of marketing online. Whether you are new to the net game or an experienced pro, there is one thing you will have in common if you are moving towards entrepreneurial success.

As you read this article you will realize what you have in common with all the other million dollar earners online, and what you’re missing that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

So let’s get started shall we?

I will begin with a bullet point list and short explanation of the marketing necessities you want to have:

For starters, most established markets will already be using this by default:

- A Domain: something specific to what you want to promote like (

- Hosting: a place to put your site, if you’re planning on making money – find a paid solution so you look like a credible business and you cut back on high traffic crashes.

- A website: your image your presence and your marketing message, don’t get pulled into the trap I see everywhere of trying to put too many choices on your website. Maximize on the effectiveness by only giving one purpose to a page. For example if you want to build a list - focus all your efforts and copy on that singular focus, if you want your site to sell a product, then only put that focus on your site. You’ll also need a good editing program, and an ftp software to get this up and moving.

- A merchant account: If you have something to sell, people will need a way to pay you. There are a ton of great providers out there, but there are a specific few that give your visitors the security to pull out a credit card with assurance.

- An Autoresponder: This is a real necessity if you want a business and not just a hobby. When you have a family to support this is a real no brainer. This is your email follow up service. You get a name added to your list and this is where they go. You will use this to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers and soon-to-be customers.

- A helpdesk: in the beginning when your business and sales are small you can handle all the little questions and emails yourself. One of the things that will keep a small business is small is thinking “I can do that myself” if you want to truly grow; you need to share the workload (petty tasks) and focus on what you truly want to do creatively for your business.

- Membership Site software: once you’re addicted to the internet marketing lifestyle, you will realize this oh-so-simple fact, it’s great to make a sale, but it’s even better to make a sale once and get paid for it every month. Continuity is king.

- Teleconferencing software: If you want an easy way to create and crank out high ticket products, audios and a transcript is an easy to make, high-value product.

Of course everything we’ve touched on so far only scratches the surface, but these are the necessities that not only get you started but will make you above average. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles that will take you from beginner to winner.

We’ll cover resources that will help you stay organized and expand your business to make you truly prosperous such as:

-PDF creators and converters
- Mind mapping software
- Site tools to make your business a set and forget it – money magnet
- Internet video and audio creating software
- And the how-to’s of outsourcing

Keep learning, and most important: be persistent – it will be a quality you share with the biggest money makers online today…

To get more information or download your own copy of the Resource Report for free visit:

The Resource Report

Yours In Success,

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Easy Squeeze Page Generation At Your Squeeze Page

Hey everybody,

It's been a long while since I could even post a bit of anything. But, recently I ran across a new software that is well worth posting for. I want to tell you about it.

I just had the chance to review a new piece of software that was designed to help everybody be able to create professional squeeze pages easily and quickly.

The software is Matthew Glanfield's Your Squeeze Page, and quite frankly, it is just as easy to use as he claims.

The great thing about this software is that you can easily:

* create squeeze pages from scratch easily and quickly
* split test every component to make sure you get the most opt-ins
* add audio and video to your pages easily
* build your list faster
* make more money

You can go and check out a free demo video here:

Click here to watch a free video demo of YourSqueezePage


Lynda Leibowitz

P.S. Don't forget to post your comments on what you think of this software!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Inner Side

I keep coming across this one healing method for getting oneself right with, well, everything. It is the Hawaiian method called H' oponopono.

It has come more into attention since the patients of a mental hospital were cured by this method by a practitioner (Dr. Len) All that he did was to review the patients records and as he did this, he repeated over and over to himself "I'm sorry, I love you". They all got lots better. He was saying "I'm sorry. I love you" because he was recognizing his part in the creation of their conditions. He recognized that they were a reflection of something inside himself, therefore he was taking part in their creation.

This is the Cliff's Notes version of the story which has been posted all over. Here is a link if you would like to find out more:

The possibilities are amazingly endless when one gets right with oneself. Heal and help yourself and help the world. Your health, well being, and prosperity enhances the health, well being, and prosperity of others. I like that.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Inner Side II


I know that my posts have been infrequent. I was waiting for something really good to post. Well, I really was searching for some clarity on which direction to go with this blog. It has been a very busy time and organizing it and setting priorities utmost. I think it has something to do with it being a new year and all that. Yada Yada Yada and so on.

I first want to tell you a story that is pertinent to the previous post. A friend of mine applied the simple technique in Ho' ponopono. He was walking in the streets of NYC silently saying "I'm sorry. I love you." over and over again to himself. After a while of this, a total stranger came up to him and said "I love you too, man". This just shows how powerful such a simple thing can be.

I have found some really nice bits and pieces to help with that, or at least get a start on it. You see, if one does not get right with one's self, no matter what you try, even with some success, it will most certainly all go pear shaped eventually. The person who knows him/her self, has a clear vision, and can actualize it, wins just about all of the time. What you see and experience in the outside world, you have most certainly created on the inner world first. Most of the time this creation is mostly unconscious. Do you notice that you are getting a lot of what you don't want in life? That's creation from the un or subconscious. That is creation run amok on auto pilot. The trick is that one must train oneself to think in strictly in positive terms of what one does want not what one does not want. Ex. "I want to be healthy", not "I don't want to be sick." The subconcious mind will pick up either suggestion and say "It is so". The thing is that this subconscious mind is blind to any negation of a suggestion, ie, the not part of don't will not be seen or acknowledged by it.

How do you start? Where do you find effective techniques that will help you do this?
To that end, I have found some nice free items that can aid you on your way to success and all that goes with it.

One that I really like is all about creating a video of your vision statement. It is sort of like a treasure map, but in video form. You can view this at:

Then there is the Results Accelerator. Here is the link for the audio and PDF files:

There is much more and I will write about it in the next post.